Custom Patterns - Our Facilites

Pattern Making

Conceived originally to service local foundry and engineering companies Custom Patterns has grown to be a major tooling supplier within the UK.


To enhance our traditional pattern making skills we have invested heavily in CNC hardware and software. We now boast duel seats of Delcam Powershape powering our five independent CNC machining centres, which are housed within our tool room and are equipped to cut higher toleranced patterns or models from aluminium, iron or eureol resin board.

A brief outline of their cutting capabilities is listed below : -

  1. CORREA CF20 working envelope of 1600mm x 800mm.
  2. HAAS VF4 working envelope of 1250mm x 500mm.
  3. HAAS VF4 (2001) working envelope 1250mm x 500mm.
  4. Bridgeport VMC800 working envelope of 800mm x 500mm.
  5. Bridgeport Interact working envelope of 635mm x 300mm.


Our wood/resin faciltiy has the capability to accept size sensitive projects for industries such as rail, fluid handling and architectural plus smaller more technically demanding equipment associated with the aerospace, automotive and electronic sectors.


Metal equipment in various forms is undertaken within our dedicated well equipped tool room. Foundry processes requiring ferrous metals including shell, disa and low gravity die tooling are produced along side aluminium tooling for lost wax, rotary mould, blow mould and rubber elastima mould customers.

With this combination Custom Patterns have the ability to follow projects from development through proofing and onto production equipment whether in wood, eureol resin board, GRP or metal.